Cadets & staff had a blast this past weekend at the Yearly Outdoor Education Centre west of Huntsville.

We all participated in outdoor activities like showshoeing, celestial navigation, pitching an arctic tent and making improvised shelters.

The place was great, nice warm bunk houses and mess hall…..heated washrooms too!

AND there was still the experience of sleeping outside….in Muskoka….in January!

The weather was great…no less than -15 c some light snow and the sun even came out a bit in the afternoon.

All enjoyed MRE meals, mmmmm and even better was Saturday night’s lasagna, salad, bread & pie! Yum,  Thanks support committee !!

Hope to see even more of you on the next FTX….


Special thanks to Lt(N) McKinnon for being our Cold Weather Instructor! And Mrs Broughton for getting us the extra food.