Here is the National Course Handbook: 2013_National_Courses_HB

 Here is the information regarding narratives;


All National Course applications must include a Narrative composed by the Cadet. The Narrative counts for 5% of

the Merit List Score for IACE, PPS and GPS, and 15% for AASC, AATC-AO and AATC-AM, and 30% for Oshkosh.

 If Cadets apply for more than one National Course, which involves assessment by the OPC, they

must submit a separate Narrative for each Course.


Must be generated by the Cadet without assistance

500 to 600 words

Presentation in 1-1/2 or double-spaced lines, using an 11 or 12 point, standard business font

Plain white or cream paper is preferred

Cadet’s rank, given name, surname, and Squadron at the top of the page

His or her signature at the end of the Narrative


25% for accomplishments as a Cadet

50% for understanding of the course content, projecting the value/usefulness of the course to

themselves and their Squadron, and articulating their desire to take the course

20% for extra-curricular activities of the applicant, particularly those that relate to the training and

qualifications provided by the course

5% for presentation and special merit factors


The Narrative is a mandatory component of the PPS, GPS and IACE applications. Candidates whose

applications arrive without a narrative may be deleted if the application remains incomplete.

Points are lost for lack of a signature.

Handwritten narratives are reluctantly accepted, but seldom make a good impression and are strongly