There seems to be a running question 844 staff get from week to week:

What is the dress for the upcoming parade night?

Well, Cadet, wonder no more.  Going forward, all Weekly Routine Orders (you know, the ones that are posted on the bulletin board outside the gym on Wednesday nights) will be attached to the calendar. When you click on the training night calendar event, you’ll see a PDF link. Click on that and you’ll see the Weekly Routine Orders for you to view or download.

You’ll notice that at the top of these training schedules, the appropriate dress for staff and cadets is defined.

Look at the top-left corner of the Weekly Routine Orders to find the appropriate dress.

Need help figuring out the difference between dress order C-1 and a C-2B … or C-3A?! No worries, we’ve got you covered. You can always find the CATO 55-04 Annex A (Air Cadet Orders of Dress) at our Cadet Dress Regulations page, found under “Cadet Info”.

Now that you know what to wear, you can also review the Weekly Routine Orders to see what classes are happening that week!