Recruitment Poster

While the Cadet Program is for youth, it also offers adults an exciting opportunity to get involved.

Suggestions for Getting Involved
There are many opportunities to become part of cadet activities. Your involvement will benefit the cadet program and no previous military experience is required.

  • Be a cadet instructor!
  • Be a volunteer!
  • Help us with fundraising!

Any contribution is welcome, from a few minutes to a few hours. There are always tasks available, such as filing, driving in a car pool, fundraising and supervising the cadet canteen.

  • Join the Sponsoring Committee: These civilian committees support your cadet unit by funding extra activities, assisting with administrative support to the unit and promoting the Cadet Program in your community. Speak with the Commanding Officer or the sponsoring committee chair to help you decide on the best way to contribute and to learn about our screening procedures.
  • Encourage cadets at home: Supporting and encouraging your child is an important aspect of your role in the program. We ask that you encourage attendance and that you foster positive attitudes toward cadet activities, including fundraising. At the same time, it is important to monitor your child’s participation in cadet activities to gauge the effects on schoolwork and family time.
  • Provide up-to-date information: It is important that you keep the cadet unit staff informed of any changes that may affect your child’s personal file such as medical concerns, emergency contact information, legal custody, address, and telephone number. Although you have already provided the information on the enrolment form, we ask that you review it in case there have been changes. You should also inform the cadet unit staff of any situation or incident of concern, or if your child is quitting the program.
  • Keep informed: Many cadet units have parent information meetings throughout the year. We encourage you to attend; an opportunity for unit staff to provide valuable information and to address your questions. Feel free to contact the commanding officer or a member of the staff at any time throughout the year. Keep in mind that the responsibility rests on your child to keep informed of the activities at the cadet unit. Every cadet should have the telephone number of the cadet unit staff and of the section commander, who is a more senior cadet.