844 Norseman Squadron is staffed by highly qualified Officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) and several dedicated Civilian Instructors.  The Commanding Officer leads this group of specially trained men and women as they perform the administrative, support, and training tasks needed to help the Cadets of 844 Squadron successfully complete all the training objectives and activities.  The squadron is organized into three main departments: Administration, Training, and Supply, each led by a CIC Officer or dedicated Civilian Instructor.

Other Officers, Civilian Instructors (CIs) and Civilian Volunteers (CVs) have additional responsibilities such as Band Officer or Range Officer.


The Administration department is responsible for all of the paperwork relating to Cadet records including enrolment, attendance, promotions, summer training, awards, etc.  They also handle correspondence and critical files maintained by the squadron. This is where you go for information about joining or leaving the squadron.  If you have moved, be sure to let the Administration Officer know your new address, phone number, and e-mail address so we can contact you for important news such as offers to Summer Training Centres!  Each September when regular training begins, you will be asked to check and update your contact and medical information if anything has changed.  Also, a Summer Training Contact Officer is appointed each year to oversee the summer training process and to work closely with the Administration Officer to make sure that all of the applications are complete, accurate, and submitted on time.  The Summer Training Contact Officer ensures that the Cadets receive and understand all of their summer training travel information.


The Training department is responsible for delivering the entire training program each year, including the mandatory, support and optional training for all Cadet levels.  The Training Officer coordinates Officers, Civilian Instructors, and Senior Cadets.  Squadron Instructors teach everything from basic drill, range safety, and uniform care to the principles of flight, meteorology, and leadership.  This group also arranges field training exercises, coordinates the squadron’s participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program, and makes sure the maximum number of Cadets go on familiarization flights (power), and gliding each year. They also arrange all of the special training events such as sports activities, social events with other squadrons, effective speaking, and physical fitness testing.


The Supply department is where you go for all of your uniform needs.  Throughout your Cadet career, visit Supply every time you outgrow your boots, wear out your grey wool socks, or find your pants or tunic sleeves are way too short – again!  If you damage or lose any part of your uniform, this is where you report the problem and request replacement of the pieces you need.  The Supply Officer makes sure there are plenty of rank insignia (badges) on hand whenever promotions take place.  When you turn 19 and have to leave the Cadet program, or if you decide to leave the squadron early, this is where you return your uniform.

Squadron Sponsoring Committee

The committee is made up of Cadet parents/guardians and community members interested in helping out the squadron. The committee is headed by a chairperson and executive. Their role is to raise funds for squadron activities not provided by DND such as; facilities, utilities and recreational trips. They also assist in recruitment of Cadets and Staff. This is your chance as a parent or guardian to really get involved!