Squadron Sponsoring Committee for 2019/2020

  • Chair – Stan Sutey
  • Treasurer – Janette Sutey
  • Member – Shelley Rawn – Canteen
  • Member – Heidi Collings
  • Member – Leta McCulley
  • Member – Coreen Wierenga
  • Member – Jack  Cardoso
  • Member – Joy McEntee
About the Committee:

Although there are no fees involved in becoming an Air Cadet, the squadron must raise money in order to operate.  844 Norseman Squadron has a Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) responsible for providing much of the funding necessary for the squadron’s activities.  The SSC organizes fundraising activities throughout the year and Cadets are expected to participate in these events.  Parents and guardians are expected to get involved and help out where needed.

Air Cadet lottery tickets are a mandatory fundraiser for all Ontario Air Cadets. Each Cadet is responsible to sell 1 book of tickets. These will be issued early in the year and require a $50 deposit. Upon return of the ticket stubs, ticket money and any unsold tickets, the deposit will be refunded in full.

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is responsible for:

  • Providing suitable accommodation for cadet training and activities
  • Promoting the Cadet Program to the community
  • Fundraising and managing funds for additional activities not supported financially by the Canadian Forces
  • Monthly Meetings