The year-end trip is a fantastic opportunity for travel, education and new experiences, cementing long-lasting friendships and building great memories.

Watch this space as the year-end trip planning comes together throughout the year.
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Last year, 844 NORSEMAN Squadron’s year-end trip was to Dayton, Ohio from 11-15 March 2018!


  • 11 March 2018:
    Depart Legion | Arrive Cricket Holler Boy Scout Camp; Dayton, Ohio (overnight)
  • 12 March 2018:
    Tour of USAF National Museum – Hanger 1&2; 445 Airlift Wing (C-17s) Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, and more
  • 13 March 2018:
    Tour of USAF National Museum – Hanger 3-5; IMAX Movie: Aircraft Carriers At Sea; Wright Brothers Museum Cycle Shop, and more
  • 14 March 2018:
    Tour of West Liberty Caverns; Arrive at Niagara Lodge, Buffalo Air Reserve Squadron Base
  • 15 March 2018:
    Tour of USAF Air Reserve 914 Air Refueling Squadron (KC 135s); Return to Canada-brief visit to Niagara Falls; return to 844 Squadron


DOWNLOAD CONSENT WAIVER (updated 9 December)

If your Cadet is able to attend this year’s trip, please adhere to the following schedule is ensure your Cadet maintains their spot!

  • DECEMBER 20, 2017: Last date to return completed & signed consent waiver
  • JANUARY 17, 2018: Last date to provide first deposit of $75
  • FEBRUARY 21, 2018: Last date to provide final deposit of $75


The majority of the Cadet’s trip is funded through the Squadron Sponsoring Committee; however, there is a contribution required from the Cadet’s family of $150 to cover remaining costs. If your family requires assistance in covering this cost, the Children’s Foundation of Muskoka provides grants to help support youth activities and may be able to provided financial assistance for your Cadet’s year-end trip. As this program is separate from the Air Cadet organization, please follow the instructions within the form below for submission.

Children’s Foundation of Muskoka Youth Grant Application

Updated 9 September 2019